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Electrovaya Announces (~25kWh) Lithium Ion Energy Storage Systems

Distributed Scale Energy Storage Systems (PowerBlock) are designed for residential solar energy, commercial and telecom applications. First 25kWh (PB25-400V) system delivered to major Japanese Utility.

Electrovaya Inc. (TSX: EFL) today announced a new product line, leveraging its utility and automotive products. Electrovaya has made its first product delivery of a 25kWh, 400V Lithium Ion SuperPolymer® Battery Energy Storage System (PowerBlock 25-400V) to a large Japanese Utility through Nippon Kouatsu Electric Co. Ltd. (“NKE”). The PB25-400V system will be providing energy storage for a program to investigate distributed Energy Storage for Solar Applications. The PowerBlock line of products is designed to cater to a rapidly growing mid-size residential and industrial energy storage market. The PowerBlock line integrates a complete energy storage system with cells, battery management system and power electronics.

“Japan is the world’s third largest market and is characterized by high-quality and high- precision products”, commented Dr. Raj Das Gupta, Electrovaya’s General Manager, Energy Storage Systems. “The PowerBlock series of products will focus on mid-size energy storage systems. As Japan moves towards higher levels of Sustainable Alternative Energy, the demand for mid-size Energy Storage Systems will grow rapidly not only in Japan but also in the rest of the world. The PowerBlock distributed scale energy storage system is ideal for the needs of residential solar, utility, mid-size commercial and telecom sector applications.” Electrovaya Inc. (TSX:EFL) designs, develops and manufactures proprietary Lithium Ion.


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