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China: Nissan Leaf becomes a Venucia in China

When the news broke about the Venucia brand, industry analysts, pundits and small time website operators were interested in the brands development, but all interest was lost when the D50, a facelift last generation Tiida was announced as its first car. Industry Analysts derided the Venucia brand as a monkey making exercise for Nissan who would use the D50 as a cash cow to further its profits in China.

The truth is, Venucia is going to focus on new energy vehicles and the D50 is only there as a volume model. Venucia dealers aren’t going to be interested in any new energy cars that they cant sell so the D50 has to be stuck in show rooms to drive traffic, the real long term goal is to establish Venucia as one of China’s leading EV brands.

Nissan’s leaf model is already on the roads in China, it’s not for sale but it is undergoing road testing with various government agencies and media outlets around China, Guangzhou government have been eager proponents of Nissan’s model, although that is probably something to do with the fact that Nissan are planning to build a factory capable of building 600,000 cars per year and a massive battery assembly center as well.


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