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China: BYD signs over another 1500 vehicles to Shenzhen, making the world’s largest electic vehicle fleet

Where is the world’s biggest fleet of electric vehicles? Perhaps it is in a more cosmopolitan western city such as San Francisco, New York, London or Paris? Actually its not so surprising to learn that is in Shenzhen, the home of BYD Auto. BYD in recent years strived to put its electric know how onto the roads, however it has come across road blocks such as low consumer take up but at the same time it has found good customers in fleet users that are eager to take on EV’s to lower running costs and again good publicity in the process.

Shenzhen City government has signed a deal with BYD to take on another 1500 EV’s from the company which will be a mixture of 1000 K9 electric buses and 500 E6 passenger vehicles. Shenzhen’s Development and Reform Comittee (SDRC) have been pushing hard to introduce more EV’s into the city to lower running costs and improve the environmental situation in the area, the NDRC’s director Mr. Lu Xiangshen commented: “Shenzhen is the first city in China to implement a subsidy for new energy vehicles and the first city to launch consumer sales of the BYD e6.” The fleet of E6 taxis around Shenzhen have already given consumers a taste of electric cars and the city was one of the first in China to announce subsidies for EV’s


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