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BMW, Samsung to boost ties

MUNICH, Germany ― Ian Robertson, a member of the BMW board of management in charge of sales and marketing, said that there are obvious signs the Korean market is growing and BMW will work closely with Korean car parts companies. He added that BMW has no plans to build a manufacturing facility in Korea.

Another board member, Herbert Diess, in charge of research and development said BMW will maintain a long partnership with Samsung SDI, which is the only supplier of batteries for the automaker’s electronic car series such as the i3 and i8.

“I think Korean firms are very competitive in term of quality,” he said. “Especially, batteries are a key component of electronic cars, and we will strengthen our partnership with Saumsung.”

Although the proportion of car parts provided by Korean firms is still less than 1 percent as the partnership only began two or three years ago, BMW will seek more strategic alliances in Korea, Diess said.

For example he mentioned that it is considering adopting Samsung’s mobile technology to new cars as the market share of Samsung’s mobile phones is growing.

Apart from its aim to increase the volume of sales, the premium carmaker also emphasized that it will develop new engines to meet tightening environmental regulations in the European Union and elsewhere, amid stricter rules for carbon dioxide and other emissions.


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