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2012 Chevrolet Volt Review

Within the automotive world, there are two camps. One lives, breaths and dreams by the internal combustion engine and its screaming, gas snorting, road ripping abilities. They stand by it so much so, that they couldn’t be bothered with any other option. The other grouping firmly believes that these man-made soul cleansers are a big contributing factor to a big problem and that in general, it should be ditched so that something else can be developed. For the most part, these two circles of engineers, dreamers and thinkers tend to find it difficult to get along and each has their own valid points. In an attempt to break the schism and bring gearheads and electric vehicle folk together, General Motors began work on something the mid 2000s. When the 2011 model year came around, their potential answer made it into the hands of the public and now, the 2012 Chevrolet Volt has made it into the hands of us.

At this moment, the electric vehicle can only operate as city transportation. Despite claims from Mitsubishi, Nissan and Ford of a nearly 100 mile driving range, most charges can garnish anywhere from 70 to 50 miles depending on driving habits. Simply put, if you were to try to drive a LEAF or an i-MiEV halfway across the country or further, it would take a rather long time. That fact right there is a big point usually made by the proponents of the internal combustion engine, which has a driving range of well, whatever. Filling up with fuel takes less than five minutes and can return (depending on the car) up to 1,000 miles of uninterrupted driving. “Filling up” an EV can take a day and return perhaps 100 miles even though its carbon foot print is greatly lower compared to the average gasoline burning vehicle. In order to have the best of both worlds, a consumer could buy a Nissan LEAF and a Toyota Camry, use the LEAF for their short, daily commute and then take the Camry to see the in-laws in Florida. Or, they could buy a Chevrolet Volt.


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