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2011 global Ignition Sessions report – Cleantech matters: moment of truth for transportation electrification

Welcome and opening remarks
• What have been your biggest surprises during the year?
• What has changed in the last 12 months?
I. Corporate fleets
• What is the state of deployment in your geography? What are
the lessons learned from early deployment? What can be learned
from deployment in other geographies, including approaches
to ownership vs. leasing, business models, corporate customer
experience and education, and implementation?
• What has been the corporate experience? What are the drivers for
continuing deployment within corporate fleets?
• What has not worked well? What are the key adoption drivers/barriers
for corporate delivery fleets or corporate-owned passenger fleets?
• What is missing? Where do we need to see investments?
• What are the emerging leasing models and aftermarket
• Can corporate fleets serve as an accelerator for wider EV
adoption? How?
• What is the compelling value proposition that will change corporate
fleets’ purchasing behavior?
• What is required from a policy perspective?
II. Consumers
• What did the industry get right and what did it get wrong? What is
the customer experience in your geography? Is there a robust and
competitive ecosystem that provides appropriate choice and supply
to support customer satisfaction?
• How are consumers reacting to vehicles? When and how are
they really charging their vehicles? What do we know now about
customer behavior across multiple EV models?
• Where do we need to see further investments?
• What is the role of big box retailers and distributors?
• Are current policies sufficient to offer incentives to the market, or
do additional government policies need to be enacted?
• Is there a need yet for public infrastructure?
• Are there bottlenecks for implementation that technology can
solve? Is there any anticipation of technology breakthroughs in the
near future?
• What are some new technology innovations or business models
that can change the paradigm?
III. Infrastructure
• What is missing in the “total experience offering” that could be
solved through innovative partnerships?
• What are the emerging and feasible infrastructure business
models? What can we learn from other markets?
• How will EVs be a platform for customer relationships beyond
• Where are partnerships happening or needed to advance
infrastructure development?
• How will emerging-market applications and business models impact
developed markets?
• What has changed in the utilities’ involvement in the last 12 months?
• What is the role of each of the players in the infrastructure
• What is the way to move ahead?
IV. Conclusion — the moment of truth
• As an emerging industry, is it ready to deliver a complete consumer
experience today?
• How does the industry ensure a sustainable ecosystem that will also
deliver on market growth?
• What has the industry learned about how to develop a sustainable
market? Is it sustainable yet? If not, why, and how can the gaps


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