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USA/Europe: Hiriko – the fold-up electric two-seater set for 2013

Hiriko is an electric car that folds up to reduce in length from 100 down to a mere 60 inches – the width of an ordinary car

That the Hiriko electric car prototype is small is obvious to anyone. Perhaps less obvious is that, in parking, the Hiriko becomes even smaller. Thanks to a folding mechanism that tucks the rear of the car in under the chassis, the Hiriko’s length can be reduced to the width of an ordinary automobile. The result? It’s possible to park three Hirikos in a single parking bay.

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The folding allows the automobile to be reduced from an already diminutive length of 100 down to a mere 60 inches (2.5 down to 1.5 meters). The folding is carried out during parking, and doesn’t require the driver to leave the comfort of her seat, much less get her hands dirty.

Better still, the Hiroko’s windshield doubles as the car door, so drivers and passengers (the car is a two-seater) can park facing the sidewalk without have to worry about chipping paint or bruising cheekbones attempting to squeeze in and out of narrow gaps.



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