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USA: Why is GM Spending Millions to Re-Hype the Chevy Volt?

In the words of Yogi Berra, it looks like déjà vu all over again as General Motors plans to “relaunch” the Chevy Volt. Just in case you missed the first rollout that saw certain financial news networks dedicate loads of airtime to help GM build the hype surrounding a vehicle that was to be a savior for GM as support was garnered for a taxpayer bailout and subsequent IPO, we now get a second take on the failed first production.

Many of the same cast will appear as cronies at Motor Trend will be cited for giving the Volt Car of the Year award. If there was any question that Motor Trend is in the tank for GM and the Volt, just look at their report on January Volt sales where they stated, “As for the most improved models, there were some interesting inclusions: the best model was the Volt, which rose 87.9 percent to 603 sales.” It takes a heck of a lot of optimism (but a lot less integrity) to proclaim 603 sales in a month a success, but I guess the bar for the Volt is pretty low.

It remains to be seen if commentators on news networks that lost credibility hyping the first Volt rollout and GM IPO will be utilized to help spread the word again. Will journalistic integrity be sacrificed once more for ad revenue or swayed by some influential sources that have a vested interest in seeing the Volt succeed? But the primary question that needs to be asked is, why is GM spending millions of dollars to hype a car that sold only 603 last month and is a money loser for the company?


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