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USA: Why I Bought a Chevy Volt, and a Tesla May Be Next

You can chalk up the Munarriz household as one of the few — and proud — Chevy Volt owners.

I went car shopping with my wife over the weekend. She had been enamored of General Motors’ (NYSE: GM ) revolutionary plug-in hybrid for months, so it’s where we went first.

Our first and only stop was our closest Chevy dealer. There were just two Volts on the lot. Judging by my area inventory checks in recent weeks it seemed to be the same two cars that had been sitting there for some time. Whether it’s the stiff prices or Volt’s battery-pack woes that have since been remedied, driving this Chevy to the levy has truly been dry.

This is normally the kind of dream situation that a knowledgeable buyer can pounce on, but preliminary checks through car-shopping services found that Chevrolet dealers weren’t discounting the Volt by much.

We got lucky. We scored a reasonable discount, a sweet interior upgrade, and more than we were expecting on our trade-in. My wife is loving her new car.

Why did we go with the Volt over Nissan’s (OTC: NSANY) Leaf or save up to splurge on Tesla’s (Nasdaq: TSLA ) Model S sedan that hits the market in July? As a Ford (NYSE: F ) investor — and owner myself — I could’ve gotten a shareholder discount on the all-electric Focus model that will be coming out in a few months. Why did we pass?


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