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USA: United Nissan delivers its first Leaf all-electric vehicle

Mike and Elizabeth Kirschenbaum get the red carpet treatment from United Nissan’s Don Forman when they arrive to pick up their new Nissan Leaf.

Special to Drive

Nissan has long prided itself as an innovator of new technology in the auto industry. The Nissan Leaf, its first totally electric car, is a clear example of staying ahead of the competition and continuing to lead the way.

United Nissan of Las Vegas also has conducted business over the years with the same attitude. They always put their customers first.

The delivery of United Nissan’s first Nissan Leaf to Michael and Elizabeth Kirschenbaum marked another milestone for Nevada’s No. 1 Nissan dealer . While the Leaf may never reach the popularity and number of sales at the dealership as the Altima or Versa, management realizes the Leaf is just the first of long line of alternative vehicles to come and, with them, plenty of future energy-conscious customers.

The Kirschenbaums represent a growing population that is determined to do its part in helping reduce America’s reliance on foreign oil. They said they traveled a long road before deciding on the Leaf.


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