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USA: Time To Buy A Chevy Volt

Take this as a disclaimer: I know next to nothing about cars.

I do know something about money: how to save it and how not to spend too much of it (except on occasional wild nights in foreign lands, or NYC).

I like to think I have an artist’s eye, maybe even an artist’s soul. I like style, even if I don’t have much of it. I’m pragmatic, borderline revengeful. As a result, I enjoy sticking it to those who always seem to win, especially if I perceive their winning at my expense.

So, in 2010, when I moved back to the U.S. from my old São Paulo home, I bought a black, third-generation Prius II. It’s an updated model of the car Larry David drives in Curb Your Enthusiasm, and as a car goes, it’s got room for five, it’s got speed — I am constantly doing 80 in that thing and not realizing it — and it does what I want it to do most, reduces my gasoline expenses. I”m saving the earth and screwing oil companies one mile at a time.

The Prius gets 50 mpg’s on average. It cost just $23,000. It’s okay looking. But the Chevy Volt is even better looking, sort of like a brand new girlfriend.

If gasoline is going to $6 a gallon, as libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul thinks, and as Steve Odland considered here at Forbes last week, then I want a car that doesn’t need any gasoline at all. Oil can go to $150 a barrel and my transportation expenses won’t rise a cent. I feel like I’m beating the market, and that feels pretty good; pretty, pretty, pretty good.



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