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USA: Tesla Motors Shows Electric Model X SUV; What Next

Tesla Motors (TSLA) began with an ambitious limited-edition electric sports car — the $109,000 Roadster — but its bread and butter will increasingly be in lower-price vehicles, parts and tech expertise.

The Palo Alto, Calif., startup is set to unveil its luxury SUV crossover Model X on Thursday in Los Angeles. Its price is seen in roughly the same ballpark as the $57,400 Model S sedan starting deliveries in July.

Tesla aims to be a carmaker for the masses, but critics question how far it could get on its own. The other electric sports car startup — Fisker Automotive — is having problems.

Electric-car pioneer Tesla plans to start delivering its $57,400 Model S sedan this July. View Enlarged Image

But like its streamlined carbon-fiber Roadster shells, Tesla has built flexibility into its growth strategy. And it’s attting investor interest.

The smallest in IBD’s nine-company Auto Manufacturers industry group, its stock tops 79% of public companies in performance over the past 52 weeks, though the startup’s profit growth rating remains low.


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