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USA: Tesla Model X crossover electric vehicle coming in 2013, starts at $49,900 after tax credits

If the Tesla Model S isn’t your speed, the electric car company has something a little more reasonable: the Model X. It’s a “crossover” vehicle somewhere between a sport utility and car and will enter production in 2013. The fully-electric vehicle isn’t quite as staid as other vehicles in its category, featuring real “falcon wing” doors that swing up to open, but do so with a double-hinge that requires less horizontal space than typical gull-wing doors. As an electric vehicle, it also needs less room for an engine and therefore has two storage areas — one in the back and an additional one in front. Tesla says that it will seat up to seven passengers and their luggage.

The Model X has about “60 percent of its content” in common with Tesla’s Model S, and weighs about 10 percent more. That heritage goes part of the way towards explaining the zero to 60 time that GigaOm reports: 4.4 seconds. The range on the vehicle can go up to 300 miles, but it all comes at a price. The base model starts at $49,000 after factoring in tax credits, but according to the New York Times, choosing options including the largest available battery pack and extra features can bring the total cost to $90,000. Reservations for the new car begin on February 10th at noon Pacific.


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