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USA: Support for Electric Vehicle Programs on the Increase in the United States

Last Friday, the California Air Resources Board voted to support an Advanced Clean Cars regulatory program for vehicles produced from 2018 through to 2025. The program, which was launched three years ago, is designed to help build the future market for lithium battery electric vehicles.

Among the most interesting implications for the lithium industry are the new standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to be achieved through existing and new technologies and more efficient use of lighter and stronger materials. A modified “Zero Emission Vehicle” regulation requires a minimum number of lithium battery electric vehicles to be sold within California.

Ambitious goals set

The objective target for the program is to increase the number of electric vehicles on the road by 2025 to 15.4 percent. The increase would equate to more than 1.4 million vehicles in California that will emit little or no pollutants. The expectation is that transitional hybrid models will play a role over the next 20 years; however, by the middle of the century, 87 percent of Californian cars are expected to be full zero emission lithium battery electric vehicles to achieve climate goals.


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