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USA: SPOTLIGHT: Winter 2012 Virtual Workshop

If you weren’t able to attend one of our Plan Bay Area public workshops, there is still time to weigh in on a number of questions about your priorities for transportation and future land use development. To that end, we’ve created an online virtual workshop with content that mirrors our live workshops.

You can participate from the comfort of your computer. We have specific questions for you, and have provided opportunities to comment every step of the way. Your votes and comments will be tabulated and considered by MTC and ABAG decision makers — along with feedback gathered from workshops, focus groups and a statistically valid telephone survey — at a meeting slated for March 9.

This virtual workshop will be open for comment through Wednesday, February 15. Are you ready? Then just complete the following steps…


Step 1 – Introductory Video: Plan Bay Area: Priorities and Tradeoffs

First, please watch a 7-minute introductory video that sets the context for this winter’s workshops and explains where we are in the planning process.


Step 2 – Your Support for Plan Bay Area

Plan Bay Area is a long-term strategy for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area that is currently being developed. The idea is to accommodate the region’s housing and transportation needs for the next 30 years and reduce the region’s auto dependence. Plan Bay Area is focused on: improving the local economy, reducing driving and greenhouse gases and providing access to housing and transportation for everyone who needs it.

Please take a survey to measure your overall support for Plan Bay Area.
•Click here to take the survey. NOTE: This link, and all survey links below, can only be visited once.


Step 3 – Video: Transportation Priorities: How would YOU invest?

A number of potential transportation investments will be considered as part of Plan Bay Area. Not all of these items will be funded due to limited resources. Likewise, MTC and ABAG are considering specific strategies to reduce driving and global warming pollution from cars and light trucks. A variety of policies are also being considered to improve the customer experience on public transit and to operate our existing public transit system more efficiently.

The following video is a brief tutorial on the transportation funding process, as well as an introduction to some of the tradeoffs involved in choosing investments and policies with limited resources. After watching the video, you’ll have a chance to vote on the transportation investments and policies that matter most to you.


Step 4 – Transportation Tradeoffs Survey

Now that you’ve watched the transportation tradeoffs video, please take a survey on transportation investments, policies to reduce driving and emissions, and policies regarding public transit.
•Click here to take the survey.


Step 5 – Quality of Complete Communities Slide Show

Now we turn to the subject of complete communities. Watch the following slide show for more information on complete communities.
•Quality of Complete Communities (PDF)


Step 6 – Quality of Complete Communities Survey

Complete communities are places where transit, jobs, schools, recreation and stores are located within walking distance and help bring the community together.
•Click here to take a brief survey on your top priorities for complete communities.


Step 7 – Video: Scenarios Analysis: Opportunities for Transportation and Land Use

Is it possible for the Bay Area’s population to grow from today’s 7 million people to 9 million people in 2040 without harming our region’s quality of life? That’s one of the main challenges we face as we develop our next long-range regional plan.

The following video should give you a sense of where we have been with respect to land development in the past and where we are today.


Step 8 – The S.F Bay Area – 2040 Survey

Now please take a brief survey on how the Bay Area should accommodate its projected population growth.
•Click here to take the survey.


Step 9 – Demographic Survey and Final Comments

You’re almost done with the virtual workshop.

We’d like to ask a few demographic questions. This will help us know whether we’re getting feedback from a full range of Bay Area stakeholders. Finally, this is an opportunity to provide any other comments related to Plan Bay Area.
•Click here to take the survey.


Thank you!

Your opinions are very important to us and will be considered in choosing the preferred scenario for Plan Bay Area by decision makers at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Association of Bay Area Governments. Please direct any general questions or comments to


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