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USA: SF BayLEAFs Gathering #13

Doors open at 8:30; tentative speakers include Richard Lowenthal, Founder and CTO of Coulomb Technologies, and Carolyn Coquillette, Owner of Luscious Garage (with a demo on the new LEAF diagnostic tool). Stay for the Golden Gate EVA meeting, which follows immediately after, for a demo of the new Coda Sedan EV

Location: 475 9th Street, San Francisco, CA

Update 2/21/2012

OK, so not to bury the announcement of Gathering #13 in an email with a completely different subject, please mark your calendars for Sunday, March 4th. We’ll be at Luscious Garage, 475 9th St., San Francisco. The big metal door should be unrolling around 8:30 for those who are up for some pre-meeting refreshments and LEAF chat. Our tentative guest speaker is Richard Lowenthal, CTO of Coulomb Technologies (tentative because he might get pulled out of town at the last minute). If you would like a few minutes on the agenda, please let me know. Immediately following is the GGEVA meeting, which this month features the Coda Sedan. For many of us, this will be our first look. It should be fun.



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