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USA: Renting An Electric Car To Help You Choose

This is probably one of most haunting question the car industry is desperately seeking to answer, how to raise public awareness of the benefit of electric vehicles, EV. No denying the favored way to introduce a new model is to appeal to fleet owners who will test them for a year under a controlled environment. The company receives invaluable real life data that is used to tweak the necessary changes before final mass production happens. This also has proven to be the favored way when introducing a disruptive technology, such electric cars, as in the case of the Nissan Leaf, the Ford electric Focus and Mitsubishi ā€œiā€. All of them first went to fleets before being released to the public. This is the perfect win-win situation for consumers, carmaker and rental companies.

Renting Versus Buying. While Zip Car originally was to rent electric cars, it decided to go the traditional route before introducing conventional hybrid, HEVs and finally pure electric cars. The idea makes a lot of sense for all parties concerned. Carmakers get to sell a few electric cars, get live feedback. Rental companies can finally offer truly efficient city cars but the real winners are consumers.


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