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USA: PolyPlus Named Edison Awards Finalist

Company’s Lithium Air and Lithium Water batteries will be recognized at Edison Awards gala on April 26 in New York

BERKELEY, Calif., Feb 16, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — PolyPlus, a developer of high-energy lithium batteries, has been named an Award finalist in the internationally-known 2012 Edison Best New Product Awards(TM). The company’s Lithium Air and Lithium Water batteries are finalists in the Power Generation/Utilization category, one of 13 categories honored by the Edison Awards.

The distinguished awards symbolize the persistence and excellence personified by Thomas Alva Edison, inspiring America’s drive to remain at the forefront of innovation, creativity and ingenuity in the global economy.

An early innovator in battery technology and the inventor of lithium sulfur batteries, PolyPlus has developed a new technology, the Protected Lithium Electrode (PLE(TM)), which enables the creation of a new class of high-energy density batteries.

“The Edison Awards provide an exclusive platform for honoring innovation, recognizing innovators, and encouraging ongoing innovation among today’s development teams, researchers, designers, ‘intrapreneurs’ and entrepreneurs,” says Thomas Stat, the 2012 Edison Awards Steering Committee Chairman.

The PolyPlus lithium-water battery has achieved the highest recorded energy density of 1,300 Wh/kg, many times more than the maximum energy density of current lithium-ion batteries. PolyPlus is currently testing samples of its lithium-water battery and expects the product to be commercially available in 2013.

PolyPlus is also developing a lithium-air rechargeable battery with exceptional energy density, which is advantageous for products such as portable electronics. Its rechargeable lithium air batteries hold the promise of achieving the “holy grail” for electric vehicles — 500 miles per charge.

Winners of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Edison Awards will be announced April 26, 2012 at the historic Capitale ballroom in New York City. The annual Edison Awards program encompasses multiple events over a two-day period including a 25th Anniversary Opening Reception, the Meet the Innovators Forum, the Innovator’s Showcase and the black-tie Awards Gala itself, where the final Awards will be presented.

The Edison Awards Steering Committee is comprised of senior executives with diverse marketing, scientific, and business backgrounds, who monitor the development and successful launch of innovative products each year. The Committee is responsible for bestowing the annual Edison Achievement Awards and serves as a guidepost in developing the list of nominees that is presented to the Edison Best New Product Award judges.

The 2012 Edison Awards are sponsored by Nielsen, Discovery Communications, Science, and USA Today. For more information about the Edison Awards and a list of past winners, please visit .

About PolyPlus

PolyPlus Battery Company is the developer of advanced lithium battery products. The inventor of lithium-sulfur batteries, the company is also creating lithium-water and lithium-air batteries that will deliver performance levels unachievable today. PolyPlus has an extensive patent portfolio covering key aspects of its technology including lithium-sulfur batteries, protected lithium electrodes (PLEs), lithium-air and aqueous-lithium batteries.

SOURCE: PolyPlus

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