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USA: Nissan Leaf Software Update: Here’s What’s Different

A little over a week ago, we told you that Nissan had announced a complementary voluntary service campaign for all 2011/12 Nissan Leafs.

With Nissan strongly encouraging owners to have their Leafs updated to the latest operating system, we decided to get the software in our own 2011 Leaf upgraded to see what differences we could make out.

The Upgrade

Just like the previous software upgrade, Nissan Leaf technicians perform the upgrade using a laptop computer connects to the car using the Leaf’s on-board diagnostics (ODB) port.

According to Nissan, the update shouldn’t take too long, but just like previous software upgrades, it seems some Leafs take longer to upgrade than others.

Unlike our car’s last upgrade — which took just 15 minutes — it took the Nissan technicians several hours to complete the upgrade due to a problem communicating over the service port with our car.


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