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USA: Mitsubishi And AeroVironment Take Out The Hassles Of Home Charging

AeroVironment agreed to provide the electric vehicle home recharging system, installation and warranty to Mitsubishi i drivers, taking on the tasks of permits and consultations.
AeroVironment is a leader in the electric charging station world. Whereas Coulomb Technologies started from the 110V world, moving up to 220V and beyond, AeroVironment has had the reverse path. You might not have heard much from this company but chances are it has effected you, one way or another.

Technically Speaking. By now you should be aware that an electric car needs to be recharged in order to move. Sounds silly, but according to the latest Tesla Roadster “brick” hoopla, it seems some Roadster owners neglected to keep their cars charged, despite being told to do so. If you can simply plug in your electric vehicle, EV to a regular 110V wall socket, the recharging process will be painfully slow.


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