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USA: Marietta Man Makes Energy in Backyard

With electric vehicles, 120 photovoltaic solar panels, a solar thermal system for heating his pool, geothermal home heating and cooling, and a wind turbine, Stephen Taylor takes a stand for energy independence.

Stephen Taylor didn’t get into solar energy for the novelty, the savings or environmentalism.

“It goes back to when I bought an electric car in 2001, a Corbin Sparrow, which is a three-wheeled, one-seat car. I bought it mainly because I wanted to conserve gas,” the Marietta resident said. “I thought it was bad, buying so much oil from countries that hate us.”

Taylor’s desire to contribute to national energy independence has led him in the past decade to turn his own backyard into a hub of energy. He has 120 photovoltaic solar panels, a solar thermal system for heating his pool, a wind turbine, and a geothermal home heating and cooling system.

That makes him the exception to the rule in Georgia, which last week saw S.B. 401 stall in a state Senate committee despite testimony on its behalf from nationally syndicated consumer advocate Clark Howard, an East Cobb resident.

The bill, introduced by Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock), would allow businesses to lease solar panels to residential and commercial customers and split the proceeds from selling any excess energy to electric utilities.

“I started buying cars with better gas mileage than my previous car, and I finally found electric cars, which is the ultimate. No gas at all.”


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