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USA: Make way for the electric car: Which cities do it best?

Innovative investments, partnerships, and policy changes made by cities are giving a boost to electric cars like this Nissan Leaf. (Mariordo/Flickr)

With gas prices topping $5 per gallon in some states, the case for electric vehicles (EV) is more compelling than ever.

Yet, in spite of the economic benefits to consumers, federal funding, and the fanfare surrounding America’s return to electric vehicles (celebrated by the debut of The Revenge of the Electric Car last year’s Tribeca Film Festival), just a few communities are prepared to take advantage of the benefits electric vehicles provide.

In Feb. 24 media teleconference, the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) recognized four of these communities – Austin, Tx., Los Angeles, Ca., Normal, Ill.; and Mercer Island, Wash. – for their commitment to EV technology and infrastructure.

“These cities are truly the pioneers of electric drive across America,” said Brian Wynne, president of the EDTA.

Collectively, the four cities provide a blueprint of best practices for other cities interested in investing in renewable energy:



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