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USA: Living with the Leaf, Part 3: Fuel bills and range anxiety

2012 Nissan Leaf owner’s log

Delivered: Dec. 30, 2011

Final purchase price after rebate: $40,649.69

Electricity used Jan. 1 to Feb. 26, 2012: 493.266 kWh

Distance travelled: 1,655 km

Total cost of electricity for January: $22.62 (to travel 998 km)

Average cost per 100 km (January): $2.27

Observed maximum January-February range: 80 km
Calculated maximum range January-February: 110 km

We’re almost through our second full month with the Nissan Leaf, and it’s good news all round: we’ve received our first electric fuel bill from Toronto Hydro, plus the provincial $8,500 rebate.

Time to start saving some money, finally, thanks to our EV’s super low fuel and maintenance costs. And not a moment too soon, as our final outlay following all taxes, options and fees was just over 40 large, not counting interest on the financed portion.


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