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USA: Let’s finish the job for cleaner cars

The Obama administration needs to know we’re counting on them to stand strong for cleaner, more fuel-efficient cars and trucks.

With brand new clean car standards ready to cut pollution and get us off oil, it’s important that we make our voices heard today. Tell President Obama to finish the job for cleaner cars.

Attn Docket ID No: EPA-HQ-OAR-2010-0799

Dear President Obama & Administration Officials,

America’s dependence on oil puts our environment, economy, and national security at risk. Your recent proposal of new fuel efficiency standards was a historic step toward addressing this problem.

The environmental benefits of such a standard by 2030 are enormous. By 2030, we could:

– save more oil than we imported from Saudi Arabia last year, and

– slash global warming pollution by an amount equivalent to shutting down 70 coal-fired power plants.

Moving forward, I urge you to ensure that these projected benefits become a reality by keeping this standard as strong as possible through the rule-making process, and avoiding loopholes that could undermine the standard’s environmental benefits.

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