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USA: I Hate The Tesla Model X, And Why It Will Sell Well

There are days I wake up and think to myself “Curse you Elon Musk for making the world’s coolest electric car that nobody can afford!” I have a love-hate relationship with Tesla Motors, you see. I love how their electric cars are oriented towards luxury and performance, which is a far cry from how most EV manufacturers marketed their cars (Save the trees with EVs!)But I’m not going to own one anytime soon. I’m also probably not going to ever be able to afford a $50,000 Tesla Model S, or their just-revealed Model X crossover. As Mitt Romney would say, I’m just envious. But who doesn’t feel a pang of envy when we see a nicer car, or a bigger house, or a fatter wallet? That was why I waited a few days before waxing poetic on the Tesla Model X; do I hate it because I am just jealous, or is it because Tesla has built a car that it knows will sell well, but is aimed squarely at the soccer moms of America?The thing is, as much as I hate the fact that Tesla got government money to produce luxury cars for the nation’s wealthiest citizens, I also believe Tesla is probably the best hope electric vehicle’s have of gaining a following in America. And it all hinges on the falcon-wing doors of the Model X crossover, which I have decided is a brilliant car that it is OK to hate.

Elon Musk says that the Model X will be Tesla’s highest-volume vehicle, and if history is any indication of the future (and it usually is) Americans are just waiting for gas prices to go back down so they can buy trucks and SUV’s again. Except gas prices aren’t going down; they’re going up, again, 12-cents in the last three weeks. Despite how you may feel about global warming and climate change, it can be hard to justify a 20 mpg SUV that can cost upwards of $100 per fill-up.



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