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USA: Gas prices could hit highest amount ever this year, so AAA says more people are asking about electric cars

TAMPA, Florida — We may soon see some of the highest prices at the pump ever this year. Some forecasts say $5 dollars a gallon may not be far away.

So if you’re sick of gas prices, here are some electric options.

Pains at the pump may be getting worse. The average price for a gallon of gas right now is about $3.65.

“Right now, gas prices are expected to hit $4 by May, which is when we saw the peak price, which was in May [of 2008] as well,” says Jessica Brady with AAA. Her office has received several calls about electric cars, since gas prices started creeping up.

“Why we have charging stations, how far can we drive, and really how much does it cost to own and operate one?”

Paul Fosse has an answer to a lot of those questions. He’s owned his Nissan Leaf since December. “It’s fun to drive, it’s easy to park.”

And it’s saving him a lot of money.

“When I charge this, it’s $2.00 a night, and I get close to 100 miles for that, so that’s like paying .60 a gallon for gasoline,” says Fosse. But he adds there’s a downside: range anxiety



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