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USA: Five Electric Motorbikes Leading the Technology Curve

By Miles Walker

As green technologies become more important in the public consciousness, a market segment is forming for bicycles that are easier to use than traditional pedal powered bikes we knew as kids, and full blown motorcycles, that still are a bit intimidating for many riders. Improved battery technology is also fueling the trend, and some of the world’s leading transportation manufacturers are jumping into the contest to product high quality, innovative electric motorbikes.
The Lexus E-bike

The Lexus E-bike looks and rides like a high end carbon fiber framed triathlon bike. With eight internal gears connected to the traditional pedal system, the E-bike is a hybrid. Built into the carbon fiber frame is a 240 watt electric motor which assist the rider. The looks of the E-bike strongly resemble a traditional bicycle, which is a positive for Lexus’ marketing plan. One downside, the seat is not height adjustable, which limits the product’s audience.
The Volkswagen Bik.e

Another entry from a manufacturer with engineering horsepower is the Volkswagen Bik.e. This electric motorbike is more of a scooter, as it doesn’t have a traditional pedal assembly. Built into the frame is a 12V rechargeable lithium ion battery system that can be charged from any automobile battery. The Bik.e folds, so that it can be transported easily in the trunk of a car, even a small Volkswagen. But without any manual propulsion, it’s limited range may limit it’s marketability as well.
BRD RedShift SM and MX Electric Motorcycles

An existing entry from a company focusing solely on the electric motor bike revolution is the RedShift SM and MX racing electric motorcycles. Built for On and off road racing cycles, the RedShift form BRD is styled to resemble any traditional motocross cycle. Deep swing suspension arms, large knobby or road tread tires, this bikes will accept many traditional motorcycle parts. The bike is powered by a 5.2 KWt electric motor, and the company’s goal is that it will be competitive with a traditional 4-stroke, 250 CC gasoline powered bike.
MIT GreenWheel

Designed by MIT, the GreenWheel is one of the most innovative products which deserve attention. This battery, motor and electrical control circuitry are built into one central hub, which can be installed on any traditional spoked bicycle wheel. The devise is powered by nano-technology lithium ion batteries, and controlled wirelessly from a throttle that mounts to the bike’s handlebars. This device, like the Lexus E-bike, turns a traditional pedal powered bicycle into a true hybrid.
Ryno Motors

Designed in Portland OR by Ryno Motors, the Ryno personal transportation devise looks like a cross between a Segway, and a unicycle. In Portland, green technology meets radical lifestyles and a commitment to easy access to the out of doors. A products of the unique northwest culture, this single wheel self balancing electric transportation system weighs 125 lbs., and will easily handle 30 percent grade hills. The lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack and motor are directly under the rider, built around a single wheel that is about the size of the rear tire of a custom road bike. Like a gyroscope, the Ryno is self balancing, and if the rider gets too aggressive, and the devise takes over to balancing and speed controls to restore it to safe speeds.

Miles Walker is a freelance writer who normally writes feature articles on where to buy car insurance online for He recently wrote about New York car insurance.


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