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The only event covering all forms of EVs and their parts for
land, sea and air
Many major breakthroughs in design and technology appear in other electric vehicles before they appear in cars. Whether by land, sea or air, electric vehicles need motors, controls, batteries and often supercapacitors plus advanced structural composites. Up to 785,000 electric cars will be sold worldwide this year, including hybrids. But the total number for all types of EVs sold will be much greater – reaching over 35 million.

KleenSpeed KAR EV technology
KleenSpeed aim to become a leader in the global electric car marketplace through advanced engineering and design with the production versions of the KleenSpeed KAR.
Who should attend and why?
New speakers include: Qualcomm Halo, Propulsion Marine & Harvest Energy
“like” us on Facebook vehicle manufacturers to diversify and make vehicles for many uses
Components and subsystem suppliers to make their products available for as many vehicles as possible for land, sea and air
Electricity suppliers, regulators, analysts and investment experts to assess the whole market while others miss most of these aspects
Companies who want to learn more about the total global market including, challenges, opportunities and the latest technologies now and in the future for ALL EVs and their parts
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