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USA: Electric Cars Get An Extension On Aloha Spirit

If anywhere in the world seems custom-made for electric vehicles, that place would be Hawaii for the simple reason that it just isn’t that big. The Big Island is by far the largest of the Hawaiian chain and at its widest point, it’s only 93 miles across. On Oahu, the greatest distance across the island is just 44 miles and driving around the whole thing is about 112 miles. What this all means is that just about anywhere you’d like to go in Hawaii is within range of an electric car. Since the islands are so small, it also stands to reason that charging station coverage could be quite good.

Honolulu is also a very congested city, with the worst commuter time in the U.S., with the exception of Los Angeles. Drivers of electric cars get a bit of relief from that congestion because they get to enjoy commuter lanes no matter how many people are in the car. And, as an added bonus, Hawaiian Electric Company offers Electric Vehicle Pilot Rates for both residential and commercial customers and considering the gasoline prices in Hawaii, that’s a very good deal.

So could it get any better for EV drivers in Hawaii? Well, believe it or not, it just did. The state just extended its EV Ready Rebate Program, bolstering the program with an additional $150,000. They’ve also extended the deadline for rebates on new electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to March 31.



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