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USA: Electric-car subsidies would to go to automakers

told you earlier about how the Obama administration is proposing to increase subsidies for electric cars, but it turns out that the breaks would go to automakers, not directly to consumers. Whether makers want to pass through the subsidies is their business.

Patrick Olsen of, in a report based on an analysis from Leaf electric-car maker Nissan, lays out these bullet points about how the new program would work:

•The proposal eliminates the current $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit and replaces it with advanced technology vehicle credit.
•There would be a maximum $10,000 per vehicle through 2016, with no cap on how many vehicles it might apply to; that would drop to $7,500 in 2017, $5,000 in 2018 and down to $2,500 in 2019.
•The credit would go to the vehicle’s seller or to the financing company.
•The proposal’s title suggests the credit would be tied to “production” of vehicles, but where that production would need to take place remains unclear.


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