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USA: Electric car range isn’t the issue, it’s purchase price, say readers survey results revealed

By Gavin Conway on February 5, 2012 12:37 PM

The results of poll are in, and they reveal purchase price is the thing holding most people back from buying an electric vehicle, not worries over how far the car can go on a single charge.

We were most keen to get feedback on the usual bête noirs of the EV world. Namely, range and purchase cost.

On the former, we were impressed with the reasonableness of the response from our 275 respondents, with the largest percentage agreeing that an ‘acceptable’ range for a pure electric vehicle should be between 100 and 200 miles. More than 40% agreed with that, with 38.5% reckoning between 200 and 300 miles is the sweet spot.

When we asked what is the main thing preventing you from buying an EV, a whopping 74.3% of those polled saying it was down to purchase cost. The next most cited reason was ‘range anxiety’, which 38.1% gave as a reason for holding off on a purchase.


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