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USA: Electric car expo gets under way in Tampa

Fuminori Kojima, left, a senior manager of electric vehicles operations with Mitsubishi Motors, explains the specifics of the 2012 MIEV to Sue Legg of Dunedin on Tuesday at the EV International Expo. A variety of electric cars are on display at the conference, being held at the A La Carte Event Pavilion in Tampa.

[Photos by OCTAVIO JONES | Times]

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Inside an electric replica of a Ford GT40, a computer interface displays the voltage, amps and RPM data readings from the Zilla, a component designed by Otmar Ebenhoech that controls the flow of energy to the motor.


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NovaCharge, a national maker of electric vehicle charging stations, had only one charger in the Tampa area a year ago.

Now it has more than 200.

The electric vehicle industry, though still just a blip compared to its gas-powered competition, is growing quickly across the country. Organizers of the EV International Expo are trying to put Tampa in a position to lead the way.

The three-day conference, which will last through Thursday, is focused on informing the public about the benefits of electric vehicles.
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