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USA: City is charged up about electric vehicle stations project

Boynton Beach is known for its forward thinking when it comes to “green” projects. But the city might be working on its most influential one yet, which could be a draw for visitors.

The city is working on installing electric vehicle charging stations to be peppered around the area in appropriate places such as the Boynton City Library, 208 S. Seacrest Blvd.

Craig Clark, the library’s executive director, said the project is still in the planning stages but he thinks it is a great idea.

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XBoynton Beach “It might encourage people to purchase electric cars in the future and encourage our residents to go green,” he said. “Also, if a couple does go here to the library to charge their car, it will be a great opportunity to spend a few hours here.”

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Carisse LeJeune, assistant to the city manager, said the idea for the project came about when the city received an efficiency conservation block grant in 2009. After having done all the projects slated, Boynton Beach came in under budget.

“We had $12,654 left over,” she said.

With the goal of assigning those funds to a smart project, LeJeune said officials realized the city hadn’t done anything for transportation. She said the stations will be placed at destination locations so that people can explore the city when charging their cars for two to three hours.

“We brought a proposal to the commission on Feb. 7 and are coming back with revisions on Feb. 27,” she said.

She said the revisions place the stations at Oceanfront Park, 6415 N. Ocean Blvd., the new Congress Avenue Barrier Free Park, 3111 S. Congress Ave., two at the library and one at the parking lot near the new amphitheater, 129 E. Ocean Ave.

In particular, the last one is near the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum and the Ocean Avenue Corridor, so visitors can walk to the marina or restaurants near that location.


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