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USA: Bob Lutz says Volt bashing by right wingers harming American workers

GM’s former CEO Bob Lutz publishes another op-ed piece in Forbes defending the Chevy Volt, and this time pointing fingers at right wing media figures, claiming their Volt bashing will cost American Jobs.

A couple weeks ago Bob Lutz, GM’s former CEO and Chairman, and Father of the Volt, wrote a piece for Forbes in defense of the Chevy Volt. Today he is back, in Forbes, with a new piece saying that the Volt bashing from right wingers is harming American workers by tearing at an American company, and American ingenuity.

In today’s piece Lutz drew a contrast between the dangers of gasoline powered cars, the frequent recalls and fires in gasoline cars, and the hyped up controversy over the single fire in a Chevy Volt three weeks following an extreme crash test. The argument Lutz makes is that the extreme right-wing “gas-bags” in the mainstream media are constructing a false story about the Volt, “for the basest, crassest, politically motivated propaganda assault.” The real goal of the propaganda assault is something else (such as an attack on President Obama) but the side effect will be reduced demand for the Chevy Volt, making American factory workers the real victim of these attacks. Along the way Lutz specifically names Bill O’Reilly, Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh while referring also to a chorus of other “extreme-right talking head gas-bags” in the media.

This is strong stuff, and Lutz’s piece today reads more like a rant than did his previous piece, but at the same time he raises points worthy of consideration.

The record for automobile safety can look horrendous after studying the number and kind of recalls which occur. Lutz talks about there being 178,000 car fires per year in gasoline cars (other sources name 250,000/yr) which is a rate of one gasoline car fire every 2 minutes. Most of the car fires are the result of “accidents or malfunctions, like fuel leaks or electrical shorts” and they burn everywhere, “on the roads, while parked, while in the garage, while fueling, or after a collision.” Here on TorqueNews we’ve recently reported on a recall of the 2012 Chevy Sonic recall for missing brake pads, a recall of 500,000 cars from VW, Audi, BMW, for Fuel Leaks, that BMW was ordered to pay $3 million for untrustworthy recall practices and much more.


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