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USA: BMW ActiveE Electric Car, Seen Through Nissan Leaf Driver’s Eyes

The goal was to get several hundred drivers to lease a new electric car, the BMW ActiveE, for two years to give BMW more real-world data on how people use these cars in the real world.

A total of 700 ActiveEs are on their way to America. The lease offer–with unrestricted mileage–will cost $499 a month plus a $2500 deposit. At the end of the lease, you will give back the car–this is a test, and only a test.

Since I was already a seasoned Electronaut with 14,000 miles behind the wheel of my all-electric Nissan Leaf, I signed up on the official BMW website, answered a few too many questions, and was approved for flight status.

I rushed over to my local BMW dealer for a test drive.

If you like the looks of the standard BMW 1-Series sedan, this car easily passes the beauty test, because that’s what it’s based on. The Leaf, with its bug-eye headlights and odd shape, is no match for a BMW in the beauty department.


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