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USA: As Electric Vehicles Take Charge, Costs Power Down

Thanks to a cost-sharing project with the DOE, GM has been able to develop the capacity to build electric and hybrid motors internally. That capacity has made electric cars like the upcoming Chevy Spark electric car.

The record number of electric vehicles on the floor of Detroit’s North American International Auto Show this week sends a clear message – the American auto industry is dedicated to driving innovation and delivering advanced electric cars to consumers here and around the world. We’re working with them every step of the way to help make that vision a reality. One of the keys to translating the trade show excitement around electric vehicles into widespread consumer adoption is driving down costs, and one area that continues to be a focus across the industry is reducing the cost of electric motors.

In addition to further research and development, increasing the domestic manufacturing capacity of electric motors is one of the keys to accomplishing this. Upping capacity will not only help meet growing consumer demand, but also help drive down the cost of both the motors and the vehicles that use them.


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