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USA: Arizona legislature looking to tax electric cars to help pay for highways

Proposed laws in Arizona and elsewhere would collect additional taxes from owners of electric cars, is it too soon to start collecting road use fees from electric car owners?

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Pop quiz: Who pays for building and maintaining the highway system? It’s largely paid for via gasoline taxes. Another pop quiz: How much gasoline does an electric car burn? Zero. That is unless that electric car is a Chevy Volt. Last pop quiz: How will road building and maintenance be paid when all the cars are electric? Well?

Last month Arizona Representative Steve Farley proposed HB #2257 as a way to solve this conundrum. It imposes a vehicle mileage tax on electric vehicles to the sum of $.01 per mile driven. HB 2257 also empowers the Arizona highway department to collect the tax and adopt necessary rules. The tax is also tied to economic activity so that it will go up over time as GDP increases.

The issue is not new and other states are considering similar legislation. Over the years several biodiesel activists have been arrested for failure to pay road taxes, because home-brewed biodiesel is similar to a home-charged electric vehicle in that the vehicle is fueled outside the existing system for collecting road taxes.

Arizona law requires the measure achieve a 2/3rds majority to be enacted.

Another proposed law in Washington State (SB 5251) imposes a flat fee of $100 per year per electric car on top of existing vehicle taxes. This is in lieu of determining the number of miles driven per year.



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