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USA: A123 Systems Career Fair – Energy Solutions Group

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM (ET) Westborough, MA

A123 Systems develops and manufactures advanced lithium ion batteries for transportation, grid and commercial applications. This event is recruiting for A123’s Energy Solutions Group that is focused on providing storage solutions that enable a more efficient and reliable electric grid and help integrate renewable generation sources.

The A123 Systems Energy Solutions Group is opening its doors to meet top technical talent. Join us for this unique opportunity to learn about our team, our business and how we are continuing to grow our Energy Solutions business.

Come to our Westborough location on February 29th between 5:00 and 8:00 PM and hear first hand how the Energy Solutions Groups is changing the way the grid and energy storage works in today’s world.

Register now for the opportunity to meet recruiters, engineers and hiring managers to learn how your experience and skills can help grow our business. Please submit your resume early through the career page so we can review your experience before the event.

A123 Energy Solutions Group is Currently Searching for Experienced Candidates who can fill critical roles such as:
•Project Engineers for Grid Integration
•Program Managers for Grid Integration
•Professional Engineers (PE’s) for Grid Integration
•Application Engineers
•Product Managers for Commercial Products
•Sales Engineers for Commercial Products
•Embedded Firmware Engineers
•SQA for Embedded Systems
•Find more openings click here….

A123 Systems’ Energy Solutions Group delivers large multi-Megawatt Grid Battery Systems world-wide. These systems provide energy storage for electrical utility power ancillary services and renewable energy generation. Meet the team behind the advanced energy solutions designed to smooth the dips in energy generation and add stability to the global electric grid.

A123 Systems is also committed to developing and growing young talented engineers through engaging internships, co-op placements and entry level engineering jobs. This event is an excellent opportunity for engineering students and recent graduates to connect with the A123 Systems campus recruiting team. Learn how to kickstart your career and impact the future of our electric grid.


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