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UK/Europe: Nissan Leaf available for rent in London and Paris

The Japanese based automaker Nissan and Europcar have recently announced that the Leaf model is available as a rental car in Paris and London.

According to Nissan and Europcar, the Leaf hatchback is available, starting this month, as a rental car, in two of the busiest European capitals, Paris and London. The two companies are saying that the Nissan Leaf is the best vehicle to offer as a rental car thanks to its zero emissions and this action might attract more customers into the brand and into the Leaf especially.

“Europcar has long believed in electric vehicles as sustainable means of mobility and is committed to enabling early adaptation of this type of vehicle. We are proud to partner with Nissan to facilitate expansion of electric vehicles and provide our customers with the greenest possible mobility solutions”, said the chief operating officer of Europcar, Rafael Girona.

The 2012 Nissan Leaf was already launched worldwide and it’s coming with a standard battery heater, heated steering wheel, heated outside mirrors, heated front and rear seats, heated HVAC duct on all models, with a Quick Charge Port being offered in standard on the Leaf SL, which can charge the vehicle up to 80 percent of its full capacity in 30 minutes, using the DC fast charger, while charging it at home through a 220V outlet is estimated to take around seven hours.



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