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UK: UK entry-level Nissan LEAF price to be cut in 2013

New pure-electric could cost as little as £22K in revised model range

By Gavin Conway on February 8, 2012 5:51 PM

A less expensive ‘entry level’ LEAF will be on offer in the UK when Nissan starts production of the pure-electric car in Sunderland next year.

A spokesperson told that the currency fluctuations that currently have a negative impact on the price of Japanese-built LEAFs would be mitigated with production in UK.

That would allow for keener pricing, but Nissan UK has yet to make an official announcement about what that price will be.

Autocar magazine has, though, said that the price could be ‘around £22,000’ after the £5,000 Plug-In Car Grant. At the moment, the Nissan LEAF is only available as one model in the UK, and priced at £25,590 after the grant.

In line with the introduction of an ‘entry level’ model, Nissan’s spokesperson said that there could be at least two different trim grades in the newly formatted LEAF range in 2013. That could mean revised equipment levels to bring down the cost of the entry-level model. Autocar said that the LEAF could forfeit climate control, reversing camera, alloy wheels and the high-end sound system in order to hit that lower price point, although Nissan told it has yet to make an official announcement.


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