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UK: The State of Electric Cars in UK

lectric cars really aren’t selling well in the UK. The government is subsidising the costs and there’s a greater range of EVs on sale than ever. But they’re just not selling.

London is where most electric cars are sold. But even there, the number of EVs bought is tiny. Three years ago the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, set a target for 100,000 EVs. It was revealed this month that so far only 588 EVs have been registered in London since then. That’s 0.08% of London’s cars or a total of 2,313 Evs. Not exactly swift progress.

One argument to why so few have been sold is due to cost. There’s no getting around it, electric cars are expensive. That’s despite the fact that the UK government is subsidising the price, by putting £5,000 towards the cost. The cheapest electric car on sale, after the subsidy, is the £17,850 Renault Fluence ZE and that doesn’t include the mandatory monthly cost to lease the batteries.

Another issue is the lack of public charging points. London currently has 400, around one for every six EVs in the city. Outside London, charging points are sparse.


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