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UK: Pay-as-you-go electric car charging arrives in North East England:

Paying only for the electricity you use? Now there’s a thought…

By Will Dron on February 9, 2012 9:36 AM

Electric vehicles owners in the North East of England are the first in the UK to be offered pay-as-you-go public charging posts.

Charge your Car, charge point network operator for the region, is trialling the new payment model under the ‘Plugged-in Places’ scheme, and says the process is similar to paying for on-street parking by mobile phone. Drivers pull into a dedicated bay, text the Charge Your Car phone number and they’ll be charged accordingly.

A number of the North East’s most frequently used standard and quick charging posts are being used in the trial, which has already started and runs until April. Drivers can identify the Pay-as-you-Go posts on the charging point map at

It’s part of Charge your Car’s plan to turn the North East into a mecca for electric vehicles and make it easier for EV owners to charge wherever they are, whenever they need to.

“Although Plugged-in Places has come a long way since it launched two years ago,” says Charge your Car project manager Josey Wardle, “as yet there is no agreed way forward in terms of interoperability between UK schemes, making it difficult for visitors to move from one region to the next. By undertaking this trial, the North East is leading the way in developing an all inclusive system, as it will help us to better understand how this technology can work.”


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