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UK: BAE provides details of ‘structural battery’ technology

The Lola-Drayson electric car is an opportunity to test the structural batteries which will power some on-board systems. In this image a battery is indicated with yellow arrows
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Torches, drones and an electric Le Mans racing car are all test-beds for a new kind of “structural battery”, BAE Systems has said.

The batteries use carbon fibre and can form part of the body of a device.

By effectively building the power source into the fabric of an object they can save weight.

BAE is testing the technology in the Lola-Drayson B12/69EV, which aims to become the world’s fastest electric car.

The firm said it hoped the battery material will eventually be as easy to work with as existing carbon fibre.

“It’s only when you shake rattle and roll these things on a real-world platform that you uncover issues,” Stewart Penney of BAE Systems told the BBC.

Last year the company revealed that it had constructed a torch and a small unmanned aerial vehicle out of the battery material.


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