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Revving up for electric cars

WITH the rising cost of fuel and road tax linked to the amount of CO2 emissions produced by vehicles, being a motorist can be costly.

Company car drivers don’t escape either as BiK (Business-in-Kind) rates are also worked out on CO2 emissions.

Like road tax, the higher the amount of CO2 emitted – the higher the cost of the annual road fund licence and BiK.

Of course, motorists are taxed every time they visit the pumps too as much of the cost of purchasing fuel is in Government tax.

And there are an increasing number of people who really care about lowering their carbon footprints. If you really care about living in a green society and are serious about being environmentally friendly, why not consider the benefits of running an electric car? What’s more, they’re quiet to drive too.

Electric cars are 100 percent emissions free so you can forget any potential congestion charges being mooted and they’re road tax free. There’s no fuel to fork out for and, with rising prices at the pumps, even those not concerned about the environment are likely to consider buying a vehicle that costs little to fuel.

There are no polluting byproducts because electric cars get their power from batteries.

Yes, it is true that you do have to charge electric vehicles but battery and charging technology has come a long, long way since electric cars were first muted. And the number of charging points is increasing.

At least six manufacturers currently offer electric cars with many more like Toyota and BMW planning on launching models in the near future. Let’s check out five of those currently available.


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