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New Zealand: Councils choose electric vehicles

Tuesday, 21 February, 2012 – 13:21 Wellington City and Taupo District Councils are supporting the future of electric vehicles in New Zealand by becoming cornerstone members of the Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV).

The two major councils are the first authoritative bodies to join APEV, which champions increased use of electric vehicles in New Zealand.

Wellington City Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says becoming a member of APEV aligns with the city’s support for a greener future.

“Wellington endorses electric vehicles, from trolley buses and trains to electric-assist bicycles, and Wellington City Council has both hybrid and pure electric vehicles in its fleet,” she said. “Joining APEV provides yet another way for New Zealand’s capital to support the electrification of its transport fleet and hopefully encourage the rest of the country to follow our example.”

Taupo District Mayor Rick Cooper echoes Wade-Brown’s sentiments, adding “the Taupo District Council believes it is the collective responsibility of every person to ensure the New Zealand environment is looked after for future generations. Widespread use of electric vehicles will reduce emissions and ensure we are looking after the pristine environmental assets New Zealand has.”


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