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Leaf .Battery Warranty: What You MUST Do To Keep It Valid

Yesterday, we covered a story about several Tesla Roadster owners — and one in particular — who claim that Tesla caused them to turn their $109,000 cars into very expensive bricks.

The owners in question claim that Tesla didn’t make them aware that leaving a roadster unplugged for extended periods of time could slowly discharge the Roadster’s 52-kilowatt-hour battery pack, killing them forever and saddling owners with $40,000 repair bill.

But while the arguments in the bricked Tesla Roadster story flame on, we dug out the paperwork that came with out 2011 Nissan Leaf to see what we are required to do in order to keep the battery warranty valid.

Lithium-ion battery pack of 2011 Nissan Leaf, showing cells assembled into modules

Here’s what we found out.

No Extreme Temperatures, Or Daily Top-Off Charging

In its warranty booklet — and its owners’ manual — Nissan says that “Exposing a vehicle to ambient temperatures above 120F for over 24 hours” will result in invalidating the car’s battery warranty.

Similarly, Nissan warns it will invalidate a battery warranty claim on a Leaf stored at temperatures under -13F for more than seven days.

Additionally, Nissan warns against “Charging the Li-ion battery full on a daily basis, despite the battery keeping a high state of charge level (98-100%).”

2011 NIssan Leaf Battery Warranty Information

In other words, it advises against charging your Leaf to full when the battery state of charge is already above the 80 percent full mark, or in fact regularly letting your leaf to enter its automatic charge cycle when the battery state of charge is above 80 percent.

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