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Latin America Adding Electric Buses, Taxis

The environmental group C40 was originally known as the Large Cities Climate Leadership Group. Founded in 2005, C40 is a group of cities working to reduce urban carbon emissions and to address climate change. It believes its mission is crucial, as cities contain around 50 percent of the world’s population, consume 75 percent of the world’s energy and produce 80 percent of its greenhouse gases. In April 2011, C40 and the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) announced plans to merge their climate leadership.

Summit meetings and white papers aside, what does a group like this actually do?

image via Mitsubishi

For starters, the group launched the C40/CCI Hybrid and Electric Bus Test Program which aims to develop a market for fuel efficient, low-carbon buses in Latin America, where urban transportation is the fastest growing source of carbon emissions. Four C40 cities are participating, including three in Brazil—Rio de Janeiro, which launched the program in June 2011; Sao Paulo, where testing began in October 2011; and Curitiba—as well Bogota, Colombia.



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