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Just Published: “Charged Up & Ready to Roll” from Plug In America

Plug In America’s third annual consumer guide to plug-in cars is now out in print and digital media. You’re sure to discover treasures in this 64-page glossy magazine-style publication — table of contents and press release follow. Plus, as a teaser, we include Felix Kramer’s chapter describing his thoughts and experience on the Volt, the Leaf, the campaign, and the industry.

A GREAT RESOURCE: Bigger and better this year, it’s ideal for EV advocates and for potential buyers of the cars coming to market. It’s now priced at only $5 — so buy a few and give them away! Take them to your local car dealer and sell them a few to give to likely customers. Promote bulk orders! All at­yTJfMo .

Join Plug In America and get a free digital copy to download (20MB): carry it around on your tablet, ebook, or ultrabook so you can whip it out anytime….

In addition to the table of contents described in the press release that follows, it’s notable that eight major automakers are among the 21 advertisers. And we promise that the five pages of resources will introduce you to info sources you’ve never seen before — up-to-date, including smartphone apps to download and Twitter handles to follow.)


Plug In America, which has led the nation’s effort to speed adoption of plug-in vehicles since 2005, has released its third annual consumer handbook, “Charged Up & Ready to Roll: The Definitive Guide to Plug-in Electric Vehicles.” A full table of contents is below and full access to the Guide is available for media by contacting Zan Dubin Scott .

Print copies of the Guide are available for $5 plus shipping on Plug In America’s website:­yTJfMo . Digital copies are free with a Plug In America membership ($25 or more).

Says Plug In America president Chad Schwitters: “Plug In America’s 2012 version of “Charged Up and Ready to Roll,” tells you, often in first-hand accounts from owners, how to determine fuel savings, what cars are available, incentives, charging — everything you need to become another plug-in owner wondering why everybody doesn’t drive one of these.”


5 Welcome by Dan Davids
6 The Big Pushback by Chris Paine: The director of “Who Killed the Electric Car?” and “Revenge of the Electric Car” speaks out on the state of the industry.
8 Reflecting on Success by Felix Kramer: EV driver and advocate Felix Kramer offers his thoughts on the industry and where this year might take us. [SEE TEXT BELOW]
12 2012 EV Lineup: More EVs will hit the road this year. We give you the highlights.
20 Cutting Through Social Media Noise by Remy Tennant: Why social media is good for EVs and what consumers should watch out for.
24 Inside Garage 2.0: Luscious Garage redefines your friendly neighborhood auto shop.
27 Get Your Charge: These ideas will have you headed in the right charging direction.
29 Curing Range Anxiety by Paul Scott: Popular ways to improve your driving so you can extend your range.
30 Your New Electric Bill by Tom Moloughney: Calculate the impact of your EV on your electricity bill.
34 A Vet for Green Jobs by Catherine Pickavet: Back from Iraq, Retired Marine Sergeant Jarom Vahai gets vets working to get us off oil.
36 From Active to Green Duty by Tim Goodrich: The true cost of filling up with gas and what one veteran chose to do about it.
40 What’s Up With Norway? by Leif Richard Bones Egge: Two decades of effort pay off as an electric car outsells its gasoline competition.
44 E-Trikes for the Masses: by Shannon Arvizu, PhD: A new global EV movement is dedicated to building an electric future in places like the Philippines.
54 National Plug In Day by Catherine Pickavet: Thousands descended on sites throughout the country last fall to celebrate electric cars.


46 Roadster Rules by Brian Town
48 My LEAF’s First 15K by Jim Hamilton
49 High-tech Money Savings by Andrew and Amy Sinclair
50 Canadian Conversion by Andrew Bell
51 A Volt That Fits by Jules Mitchell
52 The 200K Runner by Jeff Finn
55 Electric Cowboys by Harlan Flagg
38 Incentives
57 Glossary
59 Re sources

Plug In America is leading the nation’s plug-in vehicle movement. The nonprofit organization works to accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity to reduce our nation’s dependence on petroleum and improve the global environment. We drive electric. You can, too.



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