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I-Miev offers silent electric power

People driving this efficient Mitsubishi won’t be going near any gas stations for a very long time

By Alan McPhee, The Daily News February 23, 2012

How would you like to save $10, 355 in fuel costs over the next five years? That’s the claim on the EnerGuide label on the window of the 2012 Mitsubishi I-Miev. The federal government has devised a formula that compares the operating cost of this all-electric vehicle to the cost of operating an average gasolineengine vehicle. According to the formula, the I-Miev delivers the equivalent of 2.1 L/100 kilometres or a staggering 134.5 MPG (combined city/hwy). That makes it the most fuel-efficient vehicle on wheels, bar none. It’s an abstract idea, of course, because you won’t be going anywhere near a gas station, but it serves as a very interesting comparison. And that’s based on the current cost of a litre of gasoline.

The Mitsubishi I-Miev joins the all-electric ranks along with the Nissan Leaf and the smart fortwo EV from Mercedes-Benz. The I-Miev started out as the Mitsubishi kei (or “i”) car in 2006, a conventional sub-compact, fivedoor hatchback with a conventional engine located in a very unconventional position. The futuristic “egg on wheels” shape, created by French designer Olivier Boulay, sited the engine under the floor and behind the rear seat passengers. This “rear, mid-ship” position freed up space in the cabin and lowered the car’s centre of gravity. It also lent itself perfectly to the electric conversion in 2009, where all the components – lithium-ion batteries, electric motor and inverter – are located under the floor.


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