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Europe: Nissan Leaf earns 2012 Euro NCAP five star safety rating

The pin-up of the electric car world, the Nissan Leaf, has been reissued a five star safety rating from Euro NCAP after being tested to new, more stringent crash standards introduced for 2012.

It is not the only model to successfully pass the retesting, with seven other models also re-earning their five star ratings in the latest batch of test results. The European safety authority also reissued five star ratings to; BMW 1 Series, BMW X1, Ford Focus, Ford Ranger, Mercedes, Subaru XV and Volvo V60.

But the positive result for the electric car model will help further dispel consumer concerns over the safety of battery models following the investigation into rival model, the Chevrolet Volt, which likewise concluded concerns were unfounded (see story).

The new ninth generation Honda Civic, with emissions from just 110g/km CO2, also achieved a five star rating but the Jeep Compass scored a disappointing two stars. The big SUV-type vehicle was tested with an optional side thorax airbag but its test results showed a poor protection levels, particularly in the side pole test. In pedestrian protection, the Compass scored a disappointing 23 per cent.


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